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Do you want to become carbon neutral? Reducing your carbon footprint has never been easier

Evolutionary CO2 or ECO2 for short is now setting up a task force of skilled consultants called the "Green Team". They can help you analyse your organisations current carbon footprint and provide you with offset options. We are also creating our own carbon credit and within the first years we will be creating several millions tonns worth of CO2 offset credits. Even though it does not matter where such credits are created, our our own credits are created in Norway.

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Our key web based software that assists us and clients reaching their carbon reducing goals

CO2 Lab is custom designed for all aspects of our operation. Our "Green Team" us it for analysing your corporation and ECO2 to use it for managing carbon credits. Our own created carbon credits can also be documented by either pictures or video. Clients can also log in and view their credits and tune their organisations carbon emissions as it changes.

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